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What is Demand the Change for Children?

Demand the Change for Children asks all responsible adults who care about the well being of children to do their part in preventing child sexual abuse.


What changes are we seeking?

All children are entitled to safe, loving and nurturing relationships and environments, free from sexual abuse, exploitation and harm. In our society, too many children are sexually harmed every day.  To change that, adults need to get involved, as parents, as caring citizens, as voters, and as consumers.  Together we can demand the changes needed to keep children safe.

Responsible adults can ensure children have caring connections and live happy, healthy, and productive lives.  Too often organizations and institutions put their own interests ahead of the needs of children. Together we can demand that all the places where children spend their time have comprehensive policies and practices that promote healthy development and prevent sexual harm.

Preventing child sexual abuse and exploitation requires collective action by a broad spectrum of people including those directly impacted by child sexual abuse, parents, youth-serving organizations, faith-based organizations, business leaders, educators, elected officials, policy makers, and others.  Together we can demand that our leaders and elected officials invest their power and resources to prevent child sexual abuse.


Join us!